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Heinz-Gerd Hegering (ed.), Axel Lehmann (ed.), Hans Jürgen Ohlbach (ed.), Christian Scheideler (ed.)

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SIS: semantic intelligent search engine from heterogeneous information sources applied to e-commerce

Ana I. Flores and Eduardo Villoslada


SIS is a Semantic Search Engine applied to Web-Commerce to unify and relate heterogeneous data from different web sites that removes language barriers, synonyms or currency related issues. SIS leans on a platform that combines ontologies with thesauri to improve the data retrieval and the semantic queries. The results are enhanced by unifying the vocabulary of the information retrieved and translating the queries into the ontology domain. The platform architecture is suitable for two different tasks: domain definition and use of the search engine. The present article presents SIS as a practical realization of the platform in the field of e-commerce.

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