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INFORMATIK 2008 Beherrschbare Systeme -dank Informatik Band 1 P-133, 187-192 (2008).

Gesellschaft für Informatik, Bonn


Heinz-Gerd Hegering, Axel Lehmann, Hans Jürgen Ohlbach, Christian Scheideler (eds.)

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Positive and negative testing with mutation-driven model checking

Zhenyu Chen and Axel Hollmann


Mutation-driven test case generation with model checking has been proposed to reduce the costs of specification-based mutation analysis. Most of the existing work focuses on verifying the expected behavior in the original model, i.e. positive testing. In this paper negative testing is introduced to check the unexpected behavior. Mutants are divided into three types: increscent, decrescent, and cross mutants. Both, positive and negative testing is proposed to guarantee the detection of these mutants. A non-trivial example illustrates and validates our approach.

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