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3rd international Conference on Electronic Voting 2008 Co-organized by Council of Europe, Gesellschaft für Informatik and E-Voting.CC August 6th- 9th, 2008 In Castle Hofen, Bregenz, Austria P-131, 209-222 (2008).

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Code voting with linkable group signatures

Jörg Helbach , Jörg Schwenk and Sven Schäge


Code Voting is an appropriate technology to deal with the “Secure Platform Problem” [Riv02]. However, code voting as proposed by Chaum [Cha01] is vulnerable to vote selling and other flaccidities. In this paper we describe the vulnerabilities of code voting and propose to extend code voting to prevent vote selling. For this purpose we combine code voting with linkable group signatures and vote updating. We analyze the security properties of this new approach.

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