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3rd international Conference on Electronic Voting 2008 Co-organized by Council of Europe, Gesellschaft für Informatik and E-Voting.CC August 6th- 9th, 2008 In Castle Hofen, Bregenz, Austria P-131, 95-108 (2008).

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Secure remote voter registration

Victor Morales-Rocha , Jordi Puiggali and Miguel Soriano


Voter registration is an important issue in election processes. In order to protect the election accuracy, it is necessary to have an accurate electoral roll of eligible voters. The electoral roll is usually constructed by means of a voter registration system that compiles voter data either in person or remotely. Current solutions for remote voter registration lack effective methods to prevent impersonation, multiple registrations and alterations on voter information. In this paper we propose a remote voter registration scheme that increases the accuracy of the current systems. In this scheme the voter identification is carried out by means of some biometric systems. Biometrics is also used to prevent impersonation, detect multiple registrations from the same person and protect from alterations of the registration information.

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