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The Changing Universities - The Role of Technology, The 7th International Conference of European University Information Systems, March 28- 30, 2001, Berlin, Germany, Proceedings. P-13, 207-213 (2002).

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Jan Von Knop (ed.), Peter Schirmbacher (ed.), Viljan Mahnic (ed.)

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Information system of research, studies and consulting for agriculture in Lithuania

Stasys Martiius , Stabingis and Linas


of results of project or program (till 250 symbols). 12. Address of WWW page with full text of report. In database of subsystem Scientific, methodical and technological publications in area of agriculture can be presented data about these publications and places of storage in case of short number of copies. There is possibility to put: 1. Name and surname of author. 2. Title. 3. Date of issuing. 4. Title of publisher and place of issuing.

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