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The Changing Universities - The Role of Technology, The 7th International Conference of European University Information Systems, March 28- 30, 2001, Berlin, Germany, Proceedings. P-13, 133-139 (2002).

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Jan Von Knop (ed.), Peter Schirmbacher (ed.), Viljan Mahnic (ed.)

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Keymailselect dissemination of information on research funding opportunities to university scientists

Eric Zimmerman , Rochelle Kedar and Yosef Mackler


of Faculty Survey Findings 3. Message Template 4. Keywords 5. Charts and Diagrams Please note that these materials will be presented at the presentation if we are selected. References [1] Andrews, P.M. (April 1993). Grant Information Online. DATABASE, Volume 16, No. 2, 38-45. [2] Bourke, P., \& Butler, L. (1998). Institutions and the map of science: matching university departments and fields of research. Research Policy, Volume 26, 711-718. [3] Charles, S. (1998). Library Information Technology Centre Report No 11: News and Alerting Services on the Internet. London: South Bank University. [4] Liedtke, J. (September 1996). Grant and Funding Information via the Internet. The Technology Teacher, Volume 14, No. 2, 6-10. [5] Ocholla, D.N. (1996). Information-seeking Behavior by Academics: A Preliminary Study. In- ternational Information \& Library Review, 28, 345-358. [6] Rowley, J. (1992). Current awareness and the online hosts. Paper presented at Online Information 92, 8-10 December 1992, London, England.

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