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SIGSAND-EUROPE 2008 Proceedings of the Third AIS SIGSAND European Symposiumon Analysis, Design, Use and Societal Impact of Information Systems Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany June 12 - 13, 2008 P-129, 71-74 (2008).

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Wolfgang Hesse, Andreas Oberweis (eds.)

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Relational model driven application design

Michael Guckert and René Gerlach


A closer look at typical information systems shows that relatively simple routines often contribute significantly to the overall expenses of the software development process. Moreover an empirical study examining the commercial off-the-shelf solution eVMS for the administration of contracts in the public transport business revealed that structurally similar simple code outweighed (measured in lines of code and the number of online dialogs) complex code that implements complicated business processes. Exploiting structural database information enriched with additional application specific metadata allows automation of routine tasks thus reducing development expenses and additionally promising higher product quality. RMDAD transforms relational database metadata into a generic object model. At runtime the RMDAD-interpreter exploits this object model to dynamically generate application code on the fly.

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