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Modellierung 2008, 12.-14. Maerz 2008, Berlin P-127, 11-26 (2008).

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Thomas Kuehne (ed.), Wolfgang Reisig (ed.), Friedrich Steimann (ed.)

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Incremental evaluation of OCL invariants in the essential MOF object model

Miguel Garcia and Ralf Moeller


The management of metamodels is supported by runtime environments that enforce the well-formedness of (meta-)model instances. Beyond this basic functionality, additional capabilities are needed in order to successfully establish a toolchain for Model-Driven Software Engineering. We focus on two such capabilities: transactions and efficient evaluation of invariants, not in the usual context of databases but for main-memory runtime engines, an area where no previous work has addressed the combination of Essential MOF + OCL. The realization of this infrastructural support proves feasible but requires a careful design to accomodate the expressiveness of OCL.

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