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10th Workshop Software Reengineering (WSR 2008) 5-7 May 2008, Bad Honnef P-126, 67-82 (2008).

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Rainer Gimnich (ed.), Uwe Kaiser (ed.), Jochen Quante (ed.), Andreas Winter (ed.)

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Graph technology in reverse engineering: the tgraph approach

Juergen Ebert , Volker Riediger and Andreas Winter


TGraphs are directed graphs with typed, attributed, and ordered nodes and edges. These properties leverage the use of graphs as models for all kinds of artifacts in the context of software reengineering. TGraphs are accompanied by metamodel based technologies to define, manipulate, analyze, query, visualize, and transform graphs. This paper summarizes the work accomplished around TGraphs and graph based modeling over the last decade. We introduce TGraphs as a versatile and expressive formalism and demonstrate their well-suitedness for solving reverse engineering problems.

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