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10th Workshop Software Reengineering (WSR 2008) 5-7 May 2008, Bad Honnef P-126, 9-20 (2008).

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Rainer Gimnich (ed.), Uwe Kaiser (ed.), Jochen Quante (ed.), Andreas Winter (ed.)

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From date correction to SOA migration: evolving reengineering methods

Rainer Gimnich


This paper discusses the changing nature of Software Reengineering projects over the past 10 years. It is based on numerous observations in the reengineering community and on the author's own experience in large customer projects. The projects can be roughly grouped into three clusters: \?classic' migrations, refurbishments and consolidations (e.g. database migration, consolidation of customer keys after mergers); pervasive, externally time-boxed adoptions and transitions (e.g. Year 2000 correction, Euro currency introduction); and businessdriven, enterprise-scale transformations (e.g. core-system replacement, SOA migration). Looking at real-life project examples, we will see how these three categories are related. Large projects have turned out most successful where new technologies could be used to directly support a suitable reengineering methodology. This holds in particular for the rapidly evolving SOA migration projects.

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