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Modellierung 2002, Modellierung in der Praxis - Modellierung für die Praxis, Arbeitstagung der GI, 25.-27. März 2002 in Tutzing, Proceedings. P-12, 75-86 (2002).

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Martin Glinz (ed.), Günther Müller-Luschnat (ed.)

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A user centered approach to requirements modeling

Heinrich C. Mayr and Christian Kop


The paper argues that the conventional methods for object oriented analysis and conceptual modeling suffer from lacks in requirements elicitation and validation by the end-user. Therefore, an intermediate level called `conceptual predesign' is introduced between natural language requirements specification and conceptual design. The paper introduces the basic notions of a conceptual predesign model and discusses heuristic rules for their automatic mapping to the conceptual level, e.g. to UML.

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