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Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures Concepts and Applications Proceedings of the 2nd Int'l Workshop EMISA 2007, St.Goar, Germany October 8 - 9, 2007 P-119, 129-142 (2007).

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Manfred Reichert (ed.), Stefan Strecker (ed.), Klaus Turowski (ed.)

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A practical approach to ontology-based software engineering

Andrej Bachmann , Wolfgang Hesse , Aaron Ruß , Christian Kop , Heinrich C. Mayr and Juergen Voehringer


In this article we present a new approach to Ontology-based Software Engineering (OBSE) meant for practical use in enterprises and industrial projects. Following this approach, Software projects are no longer driven only by requirements and models but also by one or several ontology/ies covering their application domain. Our main thesis says that OBSE can offer similar opportunities and benefits for re-engineering and re-use in the early phases of software development as object orientation does for the later ones. OBSE is to be supported by tools which integrate ontologies in the SE process. A prototype of such a tool - based on the KCPM and EOS methodologies - is presently being developed in a joint project of our groups.

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