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Grid Service Engineering and Management The 4th International Conference on Grid Service Engineering and Management GSEM 2007 September 25 - 26, 2007, Leipzig, Germany P-117, 9-23 (2007).

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A policy language for integrating heterogeneous authorization policies

Wei Zhou and Christoph Meinel


In order to manage and enforce multiple heterogeneous authorization policies in distributed authorization environment, we defined the root policy specification language and its corresponding enforcing mechanism. In a root policy, the involved users and resources can be defined in coarse or finegrained. Each involved authorization policy's storage, trust management and enforcement can be defined independently. These authorization policies can be enforced in distributed way. Policy schemas, policy subschemas and policy hierarchies can deal with complex authorization scenarios. The context constraint component makes the root policy is a context-aware authorization system. On the other hand multiple root policies can cooperate together to complete more complicated authorization tasks.

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