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Business Process and Services Computing 1st International Working Conference on Business Process and Services Computing BPSC 2007 September 25 - 26, 2007, Leipzig, Germany P-116, 218-221 (2007).

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Witold Abramowicz (ed.), Leszek Maciaszek (ed.)

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A capability oriented management approach for business integration

Elke Pulvermueller , André Ludwig , Roman Belter , Dominik Zyskowski , Ulrich Heindl and Xuan Thang Nguyen


Service oriented architecture (SOA) has emerged as a popular software paradigm for integrating distributed applications. Services are generally regarded as interoperable building blocks for constructing, integrating, and merging applications. However, existing SOA based solutions often focus on solving technical integration problems while neglecting business-level capabilities which are most important for organizations. In this paper, we introduce the notion of capabilities as an important concept for business management. We identify major shortcomings of the existing service based solutions and outline a novel approach for capability oriented configuration and management that can react to the dynamically changing nature of business integration environments.

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