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Business Process and Services Computing 1st International Working Conference on Business Process and Services Computing BPSC 2007 September 25 - 26, 2007, Leipzig, Germany P-116, 180-193 (2007).

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Business-driven service modelling - A methodological approach from the finance industry

Falk Kohlmann and Rainer Alt


Service-orientation is recognized as an important enabler for increasing the efficiency of transformation processes in business. Improved flexibility is becoming a necessity in many competitive industries when companies are forced to quickly meet dynamic customer needs and when organization concepts are increasingly based on networking with partners. A key requirement for the flexible bundling of individual tasks in business processes are service models that have a clear link to how business is conducted and that are shared within a specific community. However, there is a lack of methodologies for combining technical and business-driven service modeling and aligning it with (business) process management as well as sourcing strategies. For this purpose, this research discusses techniques for service modeling and presents an extended service modeling concept for the business-driven discovery of services. The banking industry which currently is facing profound transformation challenges was chosen to motivate and demonstrate the applicability of the suggested model.

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