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Business Process and Services Computing 1st International Working Conference on Business Process and Services Computing BPSC 2007 September 25 - 26, 2007, Leipzig, Germany P-116, 78-92 (2007).

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Witold Abramowicz (ed.), Leszek Maciaszek (ed.)

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What makes process modelling effective - modelling or project factors?

Jon Iden , Andreas L. Opdahl , Tom R. Eikebrokk and Dag H. Olsen


Process modelling is a central topic in the information systems field. This paper reports from an empirical study of 34 Norwegian process change projects where process modelling was used. The paper investigates which factors that were most important for effective process modelling: project-specific factors or modelling-related factors? By comparing the practices of the most effective initiatives with those of the less effective, this paper concludes that project-specific factors matter more than modelling-related factors.

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