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INFORMATIK 2007 Informatik trifft Logistik Band 2 Beiträge der 37. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI) 24. - 27. September 2007 in Bremen P-110, 381-386 (2007).

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Otthein Herzog (ed.), Karl-Heinz Rödiger (ed.), Marc Ronthaler (ed.), Rainer Koschke (ed.)

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Automated test case selection based on a similarity function

F. G. O. Neto , P. D. L. Machado and E. G. Cartaxo


A strategy for automatic test case selection based on the use of a similarity function is presented. Test case selection is a crucial activity to model-based testing since the number of automatically generated test cases is usually enormous and possibly unfeasible. Also, a considerable number of test cases are redundant, that is, they exercise similar features of the application and/or are capable of uncovering a similar set of faults. The strategy is aimed at selecting the less similar test cases while providing the best possible coverage of the functional model from which test cases are generated.

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