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Otthein Herzog (ed.), Karl-Heinz Rödiger (ed.), Marc Ronthaler (ed.), Rainer Koschke (ed.)

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A unified situation analysis model for human and machine situation awareness

F. Johansson , A. Dahlbom , G. Falkman , T. Ziemke , C. Brax , T. Kronhamn , M. Smedberg , H. Warston , P. M. Gustavsson , L. Niklasson and M. Riveiro


The use of technology to assist human decision making is not a novel idea. However, we argue that there is a need for a unified model which synthesizes and extends existing models. In this paper, we give two perspectives on situation analysis: a technological perspective and a human perspective. These two perspectives are merged into a unified situation analysis model for semi-automatic, automatic and manual decision support (SAM)2.

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