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INFORMATIK 2007 Informatik trifft Logistik Band 2 Beiträge der 37. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI) 24. - 27. September 2007 in Bremen P-110, 95-99 (2007).

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Otthein Herzog (ed.), Karl-Heinz Rödiger (ed.), Marc Ronthaler (ed.), Rainer Koschke (ed.)

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Local Bayesian fusion realized via an agent based architecture

J. Sander and J. Beyerer


In the field of reconnaissance and in many other real world applications, information from different possibly heterogenous information sources has to be fused for obtaining adequate results. We present a local Bayesian approach which is realized via an agent based architecture. In analogy to criminalistic investigators, fusion agents elaborate the posterior Degree of Belief of initial hypotheses by local Bayesian modelling and local Bayesian fusion. Thereby, the usually high computational complexity of the Bayesian methodology gets reduced significantly.

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