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Mobile Ad-Hoc Netzwerke, 1. deutscher Workshop über Mobile Ad-Hoc Netzwerke WMAN 2002, 25.-26. März 2002 in Ulm. P-11, 121-133 (2002).

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Michael Weber (ed.), Frank Kargl (ed.)

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Analysis of a location service for position-based routing in mobile ad hoc networks

Michael Käsemann and Hannes Hartenstein


Position-based routing in a mobile ad hoc network requires geographic addresses. Thus, a node that wants to send a packet to some target node has to know the target's (approximate) current position. In order to provide each node's position to the other network nodes, a distributed location service has to be used. J. Li et al. recently put forward a promising approach called the `Grid Location Service' (GLS). In this paper we provide some analyses and evaluations of GLS by means of simulation with ns-2 beyond the results of the original paper. We present quantitative results with respect to location query failure rate and bandwidth consumption. We analyze in detail why queries failed and how the query failure rate can be decreased for scenarios with a low density of nodes.

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