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Mobile Ad-Hoc Netzwerke, 1. deutscher Workshop über Mobile Ad-Hoc Netzwerke WMAN 2002, 25.-26. März 2002 in Ulm. P-11, 91-107 (2002).

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Michael Weber (ed.), Frank Kargl (ed.)

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A protocol extension to hiperlan/2 to support single-relay networks

Daniel Hollos and Holger Karl


The use of ad-hoc-based multi-hop relaying has been advocated as a means to increase the capacity and energy-efficiency of wireless networks. It is one of the goals of the IBMS project to investigate the potential of such ad-hoc relaying, using HiperLAN/2 as a case study. To realize relaying in a HiperLAN/2 network, the HiperLAN/2 protocol needs to be extended. This paper describes a standard-conform extension to HiperLAN/2 that enables terminals to relay data traffic within a single HiperLAN/2 cell. This extension is flexible, imposes little overhead, and work on the time scale of a single HiperLAN/2 MAC frame.

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