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Software Engineering 2007- Beiträge zu den Workshops Fachtagung des GI-Fachbereichs Softwaretechnik, 27. - 30.03.2007 in Hamburg P-106, 169-176 (2007).



Stefan Böttinger (ed.), Ludwig Theuvsen (ed.), Susanne Rank (ed.), Marlies Morgenstern (ed.)


A case study on model-driven and conventional software development:The palladio editor

Klaus Krogmann and Steffen Becker


The actual benefits of model-driven approaches compared to code-centric development have not been systematically investigated. This paper presents a case study in which functional identical software was once developed in a code-centric, conventional style and once using Eclipse-based model-driven development tools. In our specific case, the model-driven approach could be carried in 11\% of the time of the conventional approach, while simultaneously improving code quality.

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ISBN 978-3-88579-200-0

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