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Datenbanksysteme in Business, Technologie und Web (BTW 2007) P-103, 112-131 (2007).



Alfons Kemper (ed.), Harald Schöning (ed.), Thomas Rose (ed.), Matthias Jarke (ed.), Thomas Seidl (ed.), Christoph Quix (ed.), Christoph Brochhaus (ed.)


Algorithms for merged indexes

Götz Graefe


records, e.g., records representing or indexing rows in a materialized view that summarize the total value of each order by summing up order details, can be concurrency bottlenecks and might therefore warrant special lock types. Escrow locks [O 86] can be employed and can be augmented with intent-to-escrow lock modes for use in upper B-tree levels [GZ 04]. Traditional shared and exclusive locks can be combined with escrow locks within the same B-tree, such that rows from tables and materialized and indexed views can be co-located in the same merged index and each locked appropriately for its use. A typical example is a merged index with an index from the table orders and an index on a view that summarizes order details for each order.

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