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Practical UML-Based Rigorous Development Methods - Countering or Integrating the eXtremists, Workshop of the pUML-Group held together with the łeUML\ge2001, October 1st, 2001 in Toronto, Canada. P-07, 29-41 (2001).

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Andy Evans (ed.), Robert B. France (ed.), Ana M. D. Moreira (ed.), Bernhard Rumpe (ed.)

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Towards efficient code synthesis from statecharts

Dag Björklund , Johan Lilius and Ivan Porres


This paper describes a strategy for synthesizing efficient code from UML statecharts based on SMDL, an intermediate language with formal operational semantics. We use an intermediate language to support semantic variations in UML models and different target programming languages. SMDL models are implemented using Software Graphs that can be reduced to generated optimized code.

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