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Rechner- und sensorgestützte Chirurgie, Proceedings zum Workshop, 19.-20. Juli 2001, Heidelberg, Veranstaltet vom Sonderforschungsbereich 414, Proceedings. P-04, 323-329 (2001).

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Heinz Wörn (ed.), Joachim Mühling (ed.), Christian-Friedrich Vahl (ed.), Hans-Peter Meinzer (ed.)

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Rechnergestützte chirurgische Rekonstruktion von Herzkranzgefäßen: Hightech-Lösung für ein klinisches Problem

Nolan Kayhan , Robert Krempien , Michael Wannenmacher and Christian-Friedrich Vahl


end stage coronary artery disease with linear stenosis of the main vessels despite several coronary interventions (including stent implantation) is a current challenge for surgical treatment. As the long term results are mainly determined by the pathology of the coronary vessels a simple revascularisation with arterial or venous grafts provides no adequate solution of the problem. An exactly controlled 3D-reconstruction of the coronary vessels including selective thrombendateriectomy (TEA) seems to be a new approach that may be limited by early neo-intima-proliferation of the coronary vessels. Intraoperativ brachytherapy may be a tool to inhibit (or control) this process. Scientists of different disciplines have begun to develop a tool, that will provide a surgical solution of this problem, that is embedded in a high-tech enviroment.

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