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Rechner- und sensorgestützte Chirurgie, Proceedings zum Workshop, 19.-20. Juli 2001, Heidelberg, Veranstaltet vom Sonderforschungsbereich 414, Proceedings. P-04, 148-152 (2001).

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Heinz Wörn (ed.), Joachim Mühling (ed.), Christian-Friedrich Vahl (ed.), Hans-Peter Meinzer (ed.)

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Interactive medical 3D-simulations by means of stereoscopy and standard hardware

Kay Melzer , Hans-Gerd Lipinski and Dietrich H. W. Grönemeyer


Using stereo-3D hardware in its different solutions is not new, but most available applications use these Hardware only for a better visualization of 3d-reconstructions. It is an optional feature. In our research we principally use stereoscopic Hardware, because of the different manipulation-methods - especially in virtual medical simulators. The methods of planning and simulating medical operations in an virtual environment is also an important point in these research.

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