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Information Systems Technology and its Applications, International Conference ISTA'2001, June 13-15, 2001, Kharkiv, Ukraine, Proceedings. P-02, 215-228 (2001).

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Mikhail Godlevsky (ed.), Heinrich C. Mayr (ed.)

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Morph gentzen plan computation with visual diagrams

Cyrus F. Nourani and R. M. Moudi


New planning techniques with model diagrams and applications to computable models with morph Gentzen computing on relevant worlds are presented. Generic diagrams are applied to model computing with localized minimal efficient computable KR on AI worlds. Diagrammatic reasoning is defined in terms of inferences directed by the G-diagrams for models. G-diagrams are applied towards KR from planning with nondeterminism and planning with free proof trees and predictive diagrams. The IM Morph Gentzen Logic for computing for multimedia is the basis to new projects with important computing applications. The basic principles are a mathematical logic where a Gentzen or natural deduction systems is defined by taking arbitrary structures and multimedia objects coded by diagram functions. A specific sound and complete computing logic is applied to VR plans with Morph Gentzen as the basis.

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