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Adler, Isolde ; Köhler, Noleen ; Peng, Pan

GSF-Locality Is Not Sufficient For Proximity-Oblivious Testing

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In Property Testing, proximity-oblivious testers (POTs) form a class of particularly simple testing algorithms, where a basic test is performed a number of times that may depend on the proximity parameter, but the basic test itself is independent of the proximity parameter.
In their seminal work, Goldreich and Ron [STOC 2009; SICOMP 2011] show that the graph properties that allow constant-query proximity-oblivious testing in the bounded-degree model are precisely the properties that can be expressed as a generalised subgraph freeness (GSF) property that satisfies the non-propagation condition. It is left open whether the non-propagation condition is necessary. Indeed, calling properties expressible as a generalised subgraph freeness property GSF-local properties, they ask whether all GSF-local properties are non-propagating. We give a negative answer by exhibiting a property of graphs that is GSF-local and propagating. Hence in particular, our property does not admit a POT, despite being GSF-local. We prove our result by exploiting a recent work of the authors which constructed a first-order (FO) property that is not testable [SODA 2021], and a new connection between FO properties and GSF-local properties via neighbourhood profiles.

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Keywords: Property testing, proximity-oblivous testing, locality, first-order logic, lower bound
Collection: 36th Computational Complexity Conference (CCC 2021)
Issue Date: 2021
Date of publication: 08.07.2021

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