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Cohen-Steiner, David ; Lieutier, André ; Vuillamy, Julien

Lexicographic Optimal Homologous Chains and Applications to Point Cloud Triangulations

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This paper considers a particular case of the Optimal Homologous Chain Problem (OHCP) for integer modulo 2 coefficients, where optimality is meant as a minimal lexicographic order on chains induced by a total order on simplices. The matrix reduction algorithm used for persistent homology is used to derive polynomial algorithms solving this problem instance, whereas OHCP is NP-hard in the general case. The complexity is further improved to a quasilinear algorithm by leveraging a dual graph minimum cut formulation when the simplicial complex is a pseudomanifold. We then show how this particular instance of the problem is relevant, by providing an application in the context of point cloud triangulation.

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Keywords: OHCP, simplicial homology, triangulation, Delaunay
Collection: 36th International Symposium on Computational Geometry (SoCG 2020)
Issue Date: 2020
Date of publication: 08.06.2020

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