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Shutty, Noah ; Wootters, Mary

Low-Bandwidth Recovery of Linear Functions of Reed-Solomon-Encoded Data

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We study the problem of efficiently computing on encoded data. More specifically, we study the question of low-bandwidth computation of functions F:F^k → F of some data đ± ∈ F^k, given access to an encoding 𝐜 ∈ Fⁿ of đ± under an error correcting code. In our model - relevant in distributed storage, distributed computation and secret sharing - each symbol of 𝐜 is held by a different party, and we aim to minimize the total amount of information downloaded from each party in order to compute F(đ±). Special cases of this problem have arisen in several domains, and we believe that it is fruitful to study this problem in generality.
Our main result is a low-bandwidth scheme to compute linear functions for Reed-Solomon codes, even in the presence of erasures. More precisely, let Δ > 0 and let 𝒞: F^k → Fⁿ be a full-length Reed-Solomon code of rate 1 - Δ over a field F with constant characteristic. For any Îł ∈ [0, Δ), our scheme can compute any linear function F(đ±) given access to any (1 - Îł)-fraction of the symbols of 𝒞(đ±), with download bandwidth O(n/(Δ - Îł)) bits. In contrast, the naive scheme that involves reconstructing the data đ± and then computing F(đ±) uses Θ(n log n) bits. Our scheme has applications in distributed storage, coded computation, and homomorphic secret sharing.

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Keywords: Reed-Solomon Codes, Regenerating Codes, Coded Computation
Collection: 13th Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science Conference (ITCS 2022)
Issue Date: 2022
Date of publication: 25.01.2022

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