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Foerster, Klaus-Tycho ; Hirvonen, Juho ; Pignolet, Yvonne-Anne ; Schmid, Stefan ; Tredan, Gilles

Brief Announcement: What Can(Not) Be Perfectly Rerouted Locally

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In order to provide a high resilience and to react quickly to link failures, modern computer networks support fully decentralized flow rerouting, also known as local fast failover. In a nutshell, the task of a local fast failover algorithm is to pre-define fast failover rules for each node using locally available information only. Ideally, such a local fast failover algorithm provides a perfect resilience deterministically: a packet emitted from any source can reach any target, as long as the underlying network remains connected. Feigenbaum et al. showed [Feigenbaum and others, 2012] that it is not always possible to provide perfect resilience; on the positive side, the authors also presented an efficient algorithm which achieves at least 1-resilience, tolerating a single failure in any network.
Interestingly, not much more is known currently about the feasibility of perfect resilience. This brief announcement revisits perfect resilience with local fast failover, both in a model where the source can and cannot be used for forwarding decisions. By establishing a connection between graph minors and resilience, we prove that it is impossible to achieve perfect resilience on any non-planar graph; On the positive side, we can derive perfect resilience for outerplanar and some planar graphs.

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Keywords: Resilience, Local Failover
Collection: 34th International Symposium on Distributed Computing (DISC 2020)
Issue Date: 2020
Date of publication: 07.10.2020

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