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Koutis, Ioannis ; Levin, Alex ; Peng, Richard

Improved Spectral Sparsification and Numerical Algorithms for SDD Matrices

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We present three spectral sparsification algorithms that, on input a graph G with n vertices and m edges, return a graph H with n vertices and O(n log n/epsilon^2) edges that provides a strong approximation of G. Namely, for all vectors x and any epsilon>0, we have (1-epsilon) x^T L_G x <= x^T L_H x <= (1+epsilon) x^T L_G x, where L_G and L_H are the Laplacians of the two graphs. The first algorithm is a simple modification of the fastest known algorithm and runs in tilde{O}(m log^2 n) time, an O(log n) factor faster than before. The second algorithm runs in tilde{O}(m log n) time and generates a sparsifier with tilde{O}(n log^3 n) edges. The third algorithm applies to graphs where m>n log^5 n and runs in tilde{O}(m log_{m/ n log^5 n} n time. In the range where m>n^{1+r} for some constant r this becomes softO(m). The improved sparsification algorithms are employed to accelerate linear system solvers and algorithms for computing fundamental eigenvectors of dense SDD matrices.

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Keywords: Spectral sparsification, linear system solving
Collection: 29th International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (STACS 2012)
Issue Date: 2012
Date of publication: 24.02.2012

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