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Agassy, Daniel ; Dorfman, Dani ; Kaplan, Haim

Expander Decomposition with Fewer Inter-Cluster Edges Using a Spectral Cut Player

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A (ϕ,ε)-expander decomposition of a graph G (with n vertices and m edges) is a partition of V into clusters V₁,…,V_k with conductance Φ(G[V_i]) ≥ ϕ, such that there are at most ε m inter-cluster edges. Such a decomposition plays a crucial role in many graph algorithms. We give a randomized Õ(m/ϕ) time algorithm for computing a (ϕ, ϕlog²n)-expander decomposition. This improves upon the (ϕ, ϕlog³n)-expander decomposition also obtained in Õ(m/ϕ) time by [Saranurak and Wang, SODA 2019] (SW) and brings the number of inter-cluster edges within logarithmic factor of optimal.
One crucial component of SW’s algorithm is a non-stop version of the cut-matching game of [Khandekar, Rao, Vazirani, JACM 2009] (KRV): The cut player does not stop when it gets from the matching player an unbalanced sparse cut, but continues to play on a trimmed part of the large side. The crux of our improvement is the design of a non-stop version of the cleverer cut player of [Orecchia, Schulman, Vazirani, Vishnoi, STOC 2008] (OSVV). The cut player of OSSV uses a more sophisticated random walk, a subtle potential function, and spectral arguments. Designing and analysing a non-stop version of this game was an explicit open question asked by SW.

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Keywords: Exapander Decomposition, Cut-Matching Game
Collection: 50th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming (ICALP 2023)
Issue Date: 2023
Date of publication: 05.07.2023

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