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Boker, Udi

On the (In)Succinctness of Muller Automata

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There are several types of finite automata on infinite words, differing in their acceptance conditions. As each type has its own advantages, there is an extensive research on the size blowup involved in translating one automaton type to another.

Of special interest is the Muller type, providing the most detailed acceptance condition. It turns out that there is inconsistency and incompleteness in the literature results regarding the translations to and from Muller automata. Considering the automaton size, some results take into account, in addition to the number of states, the alphabet length and the number of transitions while ignoring the length of the acceptance condition, whereas other results consider the length of the acceptance condition while ignoring the two other parameters.

We establish a full picture of the translations to and from Muller automata, enhancing known results and adding new ones. Overall, Muller automata can be considered less succinct than parity, Rabin, and Streett automata: translating nondeterministic Muller automata to the other nondeterministic types involves a polynomial size blowup, while the other way round is exponential; translating between the deterministic versions is exponential in both directions; and translating nondeterministic automata of all types to deterministic Muller automata is doubly exponential, as opposed to a single exponent in the translations to the other deterministic types.

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Keywords: Automata, Omega-regular languages, Determinization
Collection: 26th EACSL Annual Conference on Computer Science Logic (CSL 2017)
Issue Date: 2017
Date of publication: 16.08.2017

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