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Enqvist, Sebastian ; Seifan, Fatemeh ; Venema, Yde

Completeness for Coalgebraic Fixpoint Logic

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We introduce an axiomatization for the coalgebraic fixed point logic which was introduced by Venema as a generalization, based on Moss' coalgebraic modality, of the well-known modal mu-calculus. Our axiomatization can be seen as a generalization of Kozen's proof system for the modal mu-calculus to the coalgebraic level of generality. It consists of a complete axiomatization for Moss'modality, extended with Kozen's axiom and rule for the fixpoint operators.

Our main result is a completeness theorem stating that, for functors that preserve weak pullbacks and restrict to finite sets, our axiomatization is sound and complete for the standard interpretation of the language in coalgebraic models. Our proof is based on automata-theoretic ideas: in particular, we introduce the notion of consequence game for modal automata, which plays a crucial role in the proof of our main result.

The result generalizes the celebrated Kozen-Walukiewicz completeness theorem for the modal mu-calculus, and our automata-theoretic methods simplify parts of Walukiewicz' proof.

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Keywords: mu-calculus, coalgebra, coalgebraic modal logic, automata, completeness
Collection: 25th EACSL Annual Conference on Computer Science Logic (CSL 2016)
Issue Date: 2016
Date of publication: 29.08.2016

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