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Nguyen Van, Hai ; Boulanger, Frédéric ; Wolff, Burkhart

TESL: A Model with Metric Time for Modeling and Simulation

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Real-time and distributed systems are increasingly finding their way into critical embedded systems. On one side, computations need to be achieved within specific time constraints. On the other side, computations may be spread among various units which are not necessarily sharing a global clock. Our study is focused on a specification language - named TESL - used for coordinating concurrent models with timed constraints. We explore various questions related to time when modeling systems, and aim at showing that TESL can be introduced as a reasonable balance of expressiveness and decidability to tackle issues in complex systems. This paper introduces (1) an overview of the TESL language and its main properties (polychrony, stutter-invariance, coinduction for simulation), (2) extensions to the language and their applications.

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Keywords: Timed Systems, Semantics, Models, Simulation
Collection: 27th International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning (TIME 2020)
Issue Date: 2020
Date of publication: 15.09.2020
Supplementary Material: Artifacts and source code available at

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