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Bruttomesso, Roberto ; Ghilardi, Silvio ; Ranise, Silvio

Rewriting-based Quantifier-free Interpolation for a Theory of Arrays

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The use of interpolants in model checking is becoming an enabling technology to allow fast and robust verification of hardware and software. The application of encodings based on the theory of arrays, however, is limited by the impossibility of deriving quantifier-free interpolants in general. In this paper, we show that, with a minor extension to the theory of arrays, it is possible to obtain quantifier-free interpolants. We prove this by designing an interpolating procedure, based on solving equations between array updates. Rewriting techniques are used in the key steps of the solver and its proof of correctness. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first successful attempt of computing quantifier-free interpolants for a theory of arrays.

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Keywords: rewriting, interpolation, arrays, model-checking
Collection: 22nd International Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications (RTA'11)
Issue Date: 2011
Date of publication: 26.04.2011

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