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Jakubův, Jan ; Chvalovský, Karel ; Goertzel, Zarathustra ; Kaliszyk, Cezary ; Olšák, Mirek ; Piotrowski, Bartosz ; Schulz, Stephan ; Suda, Martin ; Urban, Josef

MizAR 60 for Mizar 50

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As a present to Mizar on its 50th anniversary, we develop an AI/TP system that automatically proves about 60% of the Mizar theorems in the hammer setting. We also automatically prove 75% of the Mizar theorems when the automated provers are helped by using only the premises used in the human-written Mizar proofs. We describe the methods and large-scale experiments leading to these results. This includes in particular the E and Vampire provers, their ENIGMA and Deepire learning modifications, a number of learning-based premise selection methods, and the incremental loop that interleaves growing a corpus of millions of ATP proofs with training increasingly strong AI/TP systems on them. We also present a selection of Mizar problems that were proved automatically.

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Keywords: Mizar, ENIGMA, Automated Reasoning, Machine Learning
Collection: 14th International Conference on Interactive Theorem Proving (ITP 2023)
Issue Date: 2023
Date of publication: 26.07.2023
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