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Mestre, Julián ; Pupyrev, Sergey

Approximating the Minimum Logarithmic Arrangement Problem

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We study a graph reordering problem motivated by compressing massive graphs such as social networks and inverted indexes. Given a graph, G = (V, E), the Minimum Logarithmic Arrangement problem is to find a permutation, π, of the vertices that minimizes ∑_{(u, v) ∈ E} (1 + ⌊ lg |π(u) - π(v)| ⌋).
This objective has been shown to be a good measure of how many bits are needed to encode the graph if the adjacency list of each vertex is encoded using relative positions of two consecutive neighbors under the π order in the list rather than using absolute indices or node identifiers, which requires at least lg n bits per edge.
We show the first non-trivial approximation factor for this problem by giving a polynomial time 𝒪(log k)-approximation algorithm for graphs with treewidth k.

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Keywords: approximation algorithms, graph compression
Collection: 33rd International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation (ISAAC 2022)
Issue Date: 2022
Date of publication: 14.12.2022

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