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Aamer, Heba ; Van den Bussche, Jan

Input-Output Disjointness for Forward Expressions in the Logic of Information Flows

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Last year we introduced the logic FLIF (forward logic of information flows) as a declarative language for specifying complex compositions of information sources with limited access patterns. The key insight of this approach is to view a system of information sources as a graph, where the nodes are valuations of variables, so that accesses to information sources can be modeled as edges in the graph. This allows the use of XPath-like navigational graph query languages. Indeed, a well-behaved fragment of FLIF, called io-disjoint FLIF, was shown to be equivalent to the executable fragment of first-order logic. It remained open, however, how io-disjoint FLIF compares to general FLIF . In this paper we close this gap by showing that general FLIF expressions can always be put into io-disjoint form.

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Keywords: Composition, expressive power, variable substitution
Collection: 24th International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT 2021)
Issue Date: 2021
Date of publication: 11.03.2021

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