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Harsha, Prahladh ; Molli, Tulasimohan ; Shankar, Ashutosh

Criticality of AC⁰-Formulae

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Rossman [In Proc. 34th Comput. Complexity Conf., 2019] introduced the notion of criticality. The criticality of a Boolean function f : {0,1}ⁿ → {0,1} is the minimum λ ≥ 1 such that for all positive integers t and all p ∈ [0,1], Pr_{ρ∼ℛ_p}[DT_{depth}(f|_ρ) ≥ t] ≤ (pλ)^t, where ℛ_p refers to the distribution of p-random restrictions.
Håstad’s celebrated switching lemma shows that the criticality of any k-DNF is at most O(k). Subsequent improvements to correlation bounds of AC⁰-circuits against parity showed that the criticality of any AC⁰-circuit of size S and depth d+1 is at most O(log S)^d and any regular AC⁰-formula of size S and depth d+1 is at most O((1/d)⋅log S)^d. We strengthen these results by showing that the criticality of any AC⁰-formula (not necessarily regular) of size S and depth d+1 is at most O((log S)/d)^d, resolving a conjecture due to Rossman.
This result also implies Rossman’s optimal lower bound on the size of any depth-d AC⁰-formula computing parity [Comput. Complexity, 27(2):209-223, 2018.]. Our result implies tight correlation bounds against parity, tight Fourier concentration results and improved #SAT algorithm for AC⁰-formulae.

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Keywords: AC⁰ circuits, AC⁰ formulae, criticality, switching lemma, correlation bounds
Collection: 38th Computational Complexity Conference (CCC 2023)
Issue Date: 2023
Date of publication: 10.07.2023

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