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Even, Guy ; Ghaffari, Mohsen ; Medina, Moti

Distributed Set Cover Approximation: Primal-Dual with Optimal Locality

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This paper presents a deterministic distributed algorithm for computing an f(1+epsilon) approximation of the well-studied minimum set cover problem, for any constant epsilon>0, in O(log (f Delta)/log log (f Delta)) rounds. Here, f denotes the maximum element frequency and Delta denotes the cardinality of the largest set. This f(1+epsilon) approximation almost matches the f-approximation guarantee of standard centralized primal-dual algorithms, which is known to be essentially the best possible approximation for polynomial-time computations. The round complexity almost matches the Omega(log (Delta)/log log (Delta)) lower bound of Kuhn, Moscibroda, Wattenhofer [JACM'16], which holds for even f=2 and for any poly(log Delta) approximation. Our algorithm also gives an alternative way to reproduce the time-optimal 2(1+epsilon)-approximation of vertex cover, with round complexity O(log Delta/log log Delta), as presented by Bar-Yehuda, Censor-Hillel, and Schwartzman [PODC'17] for weighted vertex cover. Our method is quite different and it can be viewed as a locality-optimal way of performing primal-dual for the more general case of set cover. We note that the vertex cover algorithm of Bar-Yehuda et al. does not extend to set cover (when f >= 3).

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Keywords: Distributed Algorithms, Approximation Algorithms, Set Cover, Vertex Cover
Collection: 32nd International Symposium on Distributed Computing (DISC 2018)
Issue Date: 2018
Date of publication: 04.10.2018

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