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Kumar, Vinayak M.

Tight Correlation Bounds for Circuits Between AC0 and TC0

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We initiate the study of generalized AC⁰ circuits comprised of arbitrary unbounded fan-in gates which only need to be constant over inputs of Hamming weight ≥ k (up to negations of the input bits), which we denote GC⁰(k). The gate set of this class includes biased LTFs like the k-OR (outputs 1 iff ≥ k bits are 1) and k-AND (outputs 0 iff ≥ k bits are 0), and thus can be seen as an interpolation between AC⁰ and TC⁰.
We establish a tight multi-switching lemma for GC⁰(k) circuits, which bounds the probability that several depth-2 GC⁰(k) circuits do not simultaneously simplify under a random restriction. We also establish a new depth reduction lemma such that coupled with our multi-switching lemma, we can show many results obtained from the multi-switching lemma for depth-d size-s AC⁰ circuits lifts to depth-d size-s^{.99} GC⁰(.01 log s) circuits with no loss in parameters (other than hidden constants).
Our result has the following applications:
- Size-2^Ω(n^{1/d}) depth-d GC⁰(Ω(n^{1/d})) circuits do not correlate with parity (extending a result of Håstad (SICOMP, 2014)).
- Size-n^Ω(log n) GC⁰(Ω(log² n)) circuits with n^{.249} arbitrary threshold gates or n^{.499} arbitrary symmetric gates exhibit exponentially small correlation against an explicit function (extending a result of Tan and Servedio (RANDOM, 2019)).
- There is a seed length O((log m)^{d-1}log(m/ε)log log(m)) pseudorandom generator against size-m depth-d GC⁰(log m) circuits, matching the AC⁰ lower bound of Håstad up to a log log m factor (extending a result of Lyu (CCC, 2022)).
- Size-m GC⁰(log m) circuits have exponentially small Fourier tails (extending a result of Tal (CCC, 2017)).

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Keywords: AC⁰, TC⁰, Switching Lemma, Lower Bounds, Correlation Bounds, Circuit Complexity
Collection: 38th Computational Complexity Conference (CCC 2023)
Issue Date: 2023
Date of publication: 10.07.2023

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