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Georgiadis, Loukas ; Kefallinos, Dionysios ; Mpanti, Anna ; Nikolopoulos, Stavros D.

An Experimental Study of Algorithms for Packing Arborescences

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A classic result of Edmonds states that the maximum number of edge-disjoint arborescences of a directed graph G, rooted at a designated vertex s, equals the minimum cardinality c_G(s) of an s-cut of G. This concept is related to the edge connectivity λ(G) of a strongly connected directed graph G, defined as the minimum number of edges whose deletion leaves a graph that is not strongly connected. In this paper, we address the question of how efficiently we can compute a maximum packing of edge-disjoint arborescences in practice, compared to the time required to determine the edge connectivity of a graph. To that end, we explore the design space of efficient algorithms for packing arborescences of a directed graph in practice and conduct a thorough empirical study to highlight the merits and weaknesses of each technique. In particular, we present an efficient implementation of Gabow’s arborescence packing algorithm and provide a simple but efficient heuristic that significantly improves its running time in practice.

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Keywords: Arborescences, Edge Connectivity, Graph Algorithms
Collection: 20th International Symposium on Experimental Algorithms (SEA 2022)
Issue Date: 2022
Date of publication: 11.07.2022
Supplementary Material: Software (Source Code and Sample Input Instances): archived at:

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