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Nguyễn, Lê Thành Dũng (Tito) ; Noûs, Camille ; Pradic, Pierre

Comparison-Free Polyregular Functions

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This paper introduces a new automata-theoretic class of string-to-string functions with polynomial growth. Several equivalent definitions are provided: a machine model which is a restricted variant of pebble transducers, and a few inductive definitions that close the class of regular functions under certain operations. Our motivation for studying this class comes from another characterization, which we merely mention here but prove elsewhere, based on a λ-calculus with a linear type system.
As their name suggests, these comparison-free polyregular functions form a subclass of polyregular functions; we prove that the inclusion is strict. We also show that they are incomparable with HDT0L transductions, closed under usual function composition - but not under a certain "map" combinator - and satisfy a comparison-free version of the pebble minimization theorem.
On the broader topic of polynomial growth transductions, we also consider the recently introduced layered streaming string transducers (SSTs), or equivalently k-marble transducers. We prove that a function can be obtained by composing such transducers together if and only if it is polyregular, and that k-layered SSTs (or k-marble transducers) are closed under "map" and equivalent to a corresponding notion of (k+1)-layered HDT0L systems.

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Keywords: pebble transducers, HDT0L systems, polyregular functions
Collection: 48th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming (ICALP 2021)
Issue Date: 2021
Date of publication: 02.07.2021

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