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Das, Bireswar ; Datta, Samir ; Nimbhorkar, Prajakta

Log-space Algorithms for Paths and Matchings in k-trees

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Reachability and shortest path problems are \NLC\ for general graphs. They are known to be in \Log\ for graphs of tree-width $2$ \cite{JT07}. However, for graphs of tree-width larger than $2$, no bound better than \NL\ is known.

In this paper, we improve these bounds for $k$-trees, where $k$ is a constant. In particular, the main results of our paper are log-space algorithms for reachability in directed $k$-trees, and for computation of shortest and longest paths in directed acyclic $k$-trees.

Besides the path problems mentioned above, we consider the problem of deciding whether a $k$-tree has a perfect macthing (decision version), and if so, finding a perfect matching (search version), and prove that these problems are \Log-complete.
These problems are known to be in \Ptime\ and in \RNC\ for general graphs, and in \SPL\ for planar bipartite graphs \cite{DKR08}.

Our results settle the complexity of these problems for the class of $k$-trees. The results are also applicable for bounded tree-width graphs, when a tree-decomposition is given as input. The technique
central to our algorithms is a careful implementation of divide-and-conquer approach in log-space, along with some ideas from \cite{JT07} and \cite{LMR07}.

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Keywords: k-trees, reachability, matching, log-space
Collection: 27th International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 09.03.2010

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