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Gawrychowski, Pawel ; Radoszewski, Jakub ; Starikovskaya, Tatiana

Quasi-Periodicity in Streams

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In this work, we show two streaming algorithms for computing the length of the shortest cover of a string of length n. We start by showing a two-pass algorithm that uses O(log^2 n) space and then show a one-pass streaming algorithm that uses O(sqrt{n log n}) space. Both algorithms run in near-linear time. The algorithms are randomized and compute the answer incorrectly with probability inverse-polynomial in n. We also show that there is no sublinear-space streaming algorithm for computing the length of the shortest seed of a string.

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Keywords: Streaming algorithms, quasi-periodicity, covers, seeds
Collection: 30th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching (CPM 2019)
Issue Date: 2019
Date of publication: 06.06.2019

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