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1 On Hardness Assumptions Needed for "Extreme High-End" PRGs and Fast Derandomization Shaltiel, Ronen et al. 2022
2 Query Complexity Lower Bounds for Local List-Decoding and Hard-Core Predicates (Even for Small Rate and Huge Lists) Ron-Zewi, Noga et al. 2021
3 Is It Possible to Improve Yao’s XOR Lemma Using Reductions That Exploit the Efficiency of Their Oracle? Shaltiel, Ronen 2020
4 Explicit List-Decodable Codes with Optimal Rate for Computationally Bounded Channels Shaltiel, Ronen et al. 2016
5 Pseudorandomness When the Odds are Against You Artemenko, Sergei et al. 2016
6 Incompressible Functions, Relative-Error Extractors, and the Power of Nondeterministic Reductions (Extended Abstract) Applebaum, Benny et al. 2015
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