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1 Compact Text Indexing for Advanced Pattern Matching Problems: Parameterized, Order-Isomorphic, 2D, etc. (Invited Talk) Thankachan, Sharma V. 2022
2 Feasibility of Flow Decomposition with Subpath Constraints in Linear Time Gibney, Daniel et al. 2022
3 Fully Functional Parameterized Suffix Trees in Compact Space Ganguly, Arnab et al. 2022
4 Finding an Optimal Alphabet Ordering for Lyndon Factorization Is Hard Gibney, Daniel et al. 2021
5 LF Successor: Compact Space Indexing for Order-Isomorphic Pattern Matching Ganguly, Arnab et al. 2021
6 FM-Index Reveals the Reverse Suffix Array Ganguly, Arnab et al. 2020
7 On the Complexity of BWT-Runs Minimization via Alphabet Reordering Bentley, Jason W. et al. 2020
8 The Fine-Grained Complexity of Median and Center String Problems Under Edit Distance Hoppenworth, Gary et al. 2020
9 Categorical Range Reporting with Frequencies Ganguly, Arnab et al. 2019
10 On the Hardness and Inapproximability of Recognizing Wheeler Graphs Gibney, Daniel et al. 2019
11 Non-Overlapping Indexing - Cache Obliviously Hooshmand, Sahar et al. 2018
12 The Heaviest Induced Ancestors Problem Revisited Abedin, Paniz et al. 2018
13 Structural Pattern Matching - Succinctly Ganguly, Arnab et al. 2017
14 Space-Efficient Dictionaries for Parameterized and Order-Preserving Pattern Matching Ganguly, Arnab et al. 2016
15 Space-Time Trade-Offs for the Shortest Unique Substring Problem Ganguly, Arnab et al. 2016
16 Forbidden Extension Queries Biswas, Sudip et al. 2015
17 Shared-Constraint Range Reporting Biswas, Sudip et al. 2015
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