No. Title Author Year
1 Communication Complexity of Collision Göös, Mika et al. 2022
2 Further Collapses in TFNP Göös, Mika et al. 2022
3 Lower Bounds for Unambiguous Automata via Communication Complexity Göös, Mika et al. 2022
4 On Semi-Algebraic Proofs and Algorithms Fleming, Noah et al. 2022
5 A Majority Lemma for Randomised Query Complexity Göös, Mika et al. 2021
6 On the Power and Limitations of Branch and Cut Fleming, Noah et al. 2021
7 On the Complexity of Modulo-q Arguments and the Chevalley - Warning Theorem Göös, Mika et al. 2020
8 The Power of Many Samples in Query Complexity Bassilakis, Andrew et al. 2020
9 When Is Amplification Necessary for Composition in Randomized Query Complexity? Ben-David, Shalev et al. 2020
10 A Lower Bound for Sampling Disjoint Sets Göös, Mika et al. 2019
11 String Matching: Communication, Circuits, and Learning Golovnev, Alexander et al. 2019
12 A Tight Lower Bound for Entropy Flattening Chen, Yi-Hsiu et al. 2018
13 Adventures in Monotone Complexity and TFNP Göös, Mika et al. 2018
14 Query-to-Communication Lifting for P^NP Göös, Mika et al. 2017
15 Randomized Communication vs. Partition Number Göös, Mika et al. 2017
16 A Composition Theorem for Conical Juntas Göös, Mika et al. 2016
17 The Landscape of Communication Complexity Classes Göös, Mika et al. 2016
18 Communication Complexity of Set-Disjointness for All Probabilities Göös, Mika et al. 2014
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